Module 11

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Extra Credit Assignment:

For an extra credit assignment, create a hybrid (digital and pen and ink and pencil composite of the ALL work you did in class using photoshop or any image compositing software. Be creative in your use of composting methods. You can use any additional images from OTHER work you have done to make the image from other classes too. This is a fun way to earn your real A+ and create a Hybrid digital image for your web site or portfolio. You can also draw on the image and use text and color if you like. Experiment and have fun. You've worked hard this quarter and you deserve to see all your great work in one collaged image.

Use the image below that I just created from the final MID TERM projects, for a guide to what you MIGHT be able to do with your own images from the class. Have fun and enjoy this one. Everyone that does an image will raise their grade at least a grade level! Be super creative!

Just drag or drop you sketches, images, final work, etc into photoshop in an 18x24 image at 72 DPI, adjust as needed, and compress or take a screen shot and upload with a title and you name!



class collage portrait

Class Portrait

Done as a Hybrid Collage in Photoshop using layers


What Next?

When you've completed the tasks above, you're ready to move on to Lesson 12 and Prepare your final personal portfolio! You do not need to turn in the final portfolio anymore. It's for your own use. Keep it safe. I have a digital record of all your work in the ETUDES site.

That's all folks. YOUR DONE!



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