Module 9

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In this section, we'll apply some of the concepts we've learned. YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS TO DO THESE 4 ASSIGNMENTS .NOTE: 3&4 ARE THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR MODULE 10.

Assignment 1 & 2

#1 - Create one or two simple 8.5x11 marker and pen and ink sketches or renderings of any house hold items in you home using warm or cool markers. Select items such as a toaster or a hairdryer or an open laptop computer or cereal box. All these objects are simple shapes. Use highlights and shadows as needed and use pen strokes to embellish the designs and sketches. Use marker paper, not bond paper

#2 - Create a simple full scale 8.5x11 marker and pen and ink sketch or rendering of one (any) magazine cover that want to use. Re-create the photo cover or cover illustration using any or all of the markers you have. Be sure to layout the Magazine in the same shape and form as the original design. Use pencil to begin the layout and use pen to embellish you rendering or sketch. Your goal is to practice the use of markers in this exercise. The final sketch should communicate the same sort of information in a rapid manner. The goal is NOT tot be a photo realistic copy of the magazine cover The goal is to show how you can use what you have learned to create a simple magazine layout using color and pens and pencils to show clients what the final layout will look like. these should be MORE finished then the magazine layouts you just completed in the earlier modules. Use marker paper, not bond paper

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Assignment 3 & 4 (These two assignments are due for module 10, so you have an extra week or more... if your do them.)

#3 - Create an 8.5x11 color copy of a Sunday cartoon storyboard character or a comic book character page from any comic book. You may use any TV, FILM, WEB source or cartoon source or comic book with cartoon images you can find. The goal is to find or discover a STYLE in your drawings using color. Comic book art is serious art and inkers or colorists use multiple tricks to find ways to make the comics more dynamic. This exercise will give you practice in fast rendering methods to create color sketches. These do not have to be finished renderings. They can be done over black and white xerox drawings from the weekly or Sunday comics. Use marker paper, not bond paper.

#4 - Using one of the several examples shown in the learn section of this MOD, draw and create a black and white and a color MODEL sheet for a comic, film or story character. Fun is the goal of this exercise and you will research online examples for reference. HINT: Disney or Hanna Barbera, Star Wars, Ice Age, or other sources exist online for wonderful opportunities to explore character MODELS sheets.

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What Next?

When you've completed the tasks above, you're ready to move on to Lesson 10 and 11.