Module 8

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In this lesson you will use the methods you have learned to create quick sketches of web site pages that you will design for your own use as a portfolio.

You will create a multi level web site design and use pencil, pen, marker or colored markers or pencils to create a web map, a navigational scheme and a storyboard visual layout for a


Adapt the use of sketching techniques and Hanks RAPID VIZ techniques to web site design for a PORTFOLIO based web site of either your own or a friend or a client. This project should be original and not a copy of an existing web site, although you can use existing web portfolio sites for inspiration and guidelines

.Remember, your graded on the sketches, not the design.


In this lesson, you will do the following:

  • Create one page of mind map or list used to create your web site
  • Create a web site navigational map or a site map
  • Create 6 pages of thumbnail sketches of your web site with 3 images on each page
  • Use any drawing tools in your tool kit to draw and design the web site
  • Use any sketching methods from Hanks "RAPID VIZ to create good visualization of your design.

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These are the assignments for this lesson:

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