Module 8

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In this section, we'll apply some of the concepts we've learned.

Assignment 1

Download the linked PDF file to see how one student completed the visual portion of this assignment: NOTE: These are the same files listed elsewhere in this lesson so you DON'T need to download them again if you have already saved them to your computer.

Portfolio Layout and Sketches

Here is a PDF downloadable version of a web site created for a travel company for comparison

Travel Company Web Design Layout


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Assignment 2

Using sketching techniques learned from Hanks RAPID VIZ and from the examples given in this lesson create and upload the following items

1- A one page MIND MAP

2-A one page site layout

3-Six pages of thumbnails with 3 sketches on each one for a total of 18 mini thumbnails.


NOTE: You will upload a total of 8 images or screen shots of your work. If you know how to create a PDF file using either Photoshop, Bridge or Acrobat Pro or any other PDF file creation tool, you may upload a PDF file instead of 8 individual images.

Remember to keep the images small at 72 DPI and no larger than 600 pixels wide!

Have fun.


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What Next?

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