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Quick drawing sketch of people in chairs by Hanks.

©Hanks - Rapid Viz

Look at the many ways to use simple outline sketches to create people.

This week is a bi-week or a pass-week. During Mid term week most instructors use the time for review before the midterm exam. In our course, it's used to do the detailed drawing that you began last week. In addition to the NEW reading, you need to finish your midterm projects and do some research in anticipation of next weeks drawing work in LAYOUT and POSTER. We will begin to adapt Rapid Viz techniques for graphic design projects in week 7. Rapid sketches are the type of drawings that we will do for the rest of the quarter. They will all be based on HANKS methods of RAPID VIZ or fast drawing with pencil and pens.

During this week:

You should do the following:

  • Read Chapter 6 in Craig's "Drawing bible" (Drawing figures and Faces) for information. Look at the way in which Craig uses vignettes in most of his portrait sketches to add interest to his drawings. in particular look at the images on pages 220 and 221 to see the use of pen strokes for caricatures. Review the images and techniques that are demonstated in this chapter to improve your figure and facial drawing methods.
  • Vignettes are ways in which Craig "loses details" to focus on certain content in each drawing, such as NOT detailing parts of the drawings and only completing line drawings for the outer edges of the drawings. This method is very effective in drawing focused imagery.
  • Read Chapter 2 in Hanks book Rapid Viz. Pay close attention to the quick indication methods he shows and talks about. A useful pdf file is attached as a courtesy to help you understand his methods:
  • PDF Rapid Viz resource
  • NOTE: There are many exercises in Rapid Viz, chapter two, but I don't require you to complete them all. I suggest that you try some of them out to help you in your sketcking and drawing.
  • Finish your PORTRAIT art work in Pen and INK this week and upload your images. This is the major work of the week - to finish the portraits and do a great job on them.

Rapid ViZ methods shown by Hanks.

©Hanks - Rapid Viz

Some of these people sketches are so simple that they are only scribbles but the idea gets across in each image that the chair is for sitting. Each indication of a person in simple and effective to communiticate the "idea" of a person. This is a key concept of Rapid Viz methods.

The sketch of the chair holds the concept together!

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These are the assignments for this lesson:

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Focus questions:

As you work through this lesson, you should keep the following key questions in mind to focus your studies:

  1. Question 1: Did you use several methods drawing and types of strokes in your portraits?
  2. Question 2: Did you review the Rapid Viz chapter in PDF format?
  3. Are you ready to practice Rapid Drawing using pen and pencils to sketch graphic design projects?

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