Module 6

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Assignment 1

There are NO new drawing assignments this week except to finish your midterm ink or pencil or digital PORTRAIT stroke drawings for this week. See notes for MOD 5 assignments and use the URL links to the online TUTORIAL to clarify any questions you have or contact me by class email PM for a quick reply.

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Assignment 2


  • If you have a copy: Read Chapter 6 in Craig's "Drawing bible" for fun. Study the pen and pencil methods used for Architecture and Animal drawings
  • Read Chapter 2 in Hanks book Rapid Viz in the pdf file attached in the INTRO section of this lesson. Pay close attention to the quick indication methods he shows in his examples. The PDF files are complementary and you should ge the text to continue any further reading of Hanks methods. Here is his website link where you will fine 12 tutorials on his method of Rapid Viz drawing methods. As designers, it's always a good idea to learn how to draw and sketch your ideas very quickly and to present them to clients in a dymanic and accessible way. Check out Kurts' web site for more infomation. I highly suggest that you purchase his book if you want more to learn more of his specific methods:
  • Kurt Hanks web site with video tutorials, links to his books and lots more goodies to view.

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What Next?

When you've completed the tasks above, you're ready to move on to MODULE 7. To go there, return to ETUDES and click on the DISCUSSION button and then click on MODULE 7. Follow the link to INSTRUCTIONS. You will find the Lesson by clicking the INSTUCTIONS link.