Module 5

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Welcome to Module 5. In this lesson we will view images of both traditional and digital concept sketches. We will also begin the midterm project which is a pen and ink drawing of a photo that you will find of any famous personality or of a family member or friend. Click the rollover image of the drawing below by a former student to see the full drawing and the complexity of the project. More images will be available in the next section.

The student that did the portrait below used a few graphic illustration mapping and grid techniques to layout the full face and then applied all the knowledge gained so far about pen and ink and graphic strokes and completed the work for a mid-term project. Every student in the class will turn one of these in for a mid-term assignment and although it looks difficult, it is really not. Some students might elect to do the assignment on a computer using a WACOM tablet and digital pen.

Pen and Ink image of James Dean close up


Before beginning this lesson, you should know or be able to do the following.

  • Read Chapter 4 in your text books on composition
  • Practice all the stroke techniques till you feel confident in using them (bottles and cups)
  • Finished ALL your homework for sections 1,2 and 3 by now
  • Uploaded all assignments and filled several more pages in your home sketch books with thumbnails using the list of RAPID VIZ methods listed in MODULE 4


Compare traditional and digital methods of sketching and learn the advantages of both techniques



In this lesson, you will do the following:

  • Read module 5
  • Read from page 86 to page 101 in Drawing for Graphic Design text book.
  • Visit outside links to see examples of traditional and digital design drawings
  • Learn how to use Pen and Ink to do detail portrait sketches
  • Practice RAPID VIZ pen and ink techniques by using objects at home or projects from your other graphic design classes.
  • Practice and compare traditional drawing with pencil and pen and ink in your sketch books
  • Continue to practice outline and stroke techniques to improve your skills while you work on the mid-term project.

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These are the assignments for this lesson:

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Focus questions:

As you work through this lesson, you should keep the following key questions in mind to focus your studies:

  1. Do I understand how to use a variety of pen and ink strokes or do I still need to practice them for the midterm project?
  2. Can I adapt to using digital tools to complete any sketches in the IDEA LAB or at home on my own WACOM and computer?
  3. Do I understand the value of pen and ink for graphic design sketching?
  4. Can I distinguish traditional from digital image making?
  5. How can I use these techniques in my own work?

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