Module 5

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In this section, we'll apply some of the concepts we've learned.

Assignment 1: Portrait Midterm Project

  1. Find a color or B&W photo in a magazine to use for my midterm project.
  2. Scan it into the computer or xerox it in grayscale and enlarge it to at least a full page size and even up to 11x17 if possible.
  3. Analyze the image for value structure, details and compositon.
  4. Place the copy on a tracing table or a light box and using a light pencil, trace the outline areas of the value structure to find only outlines for my pen and ink techniques.
  5. Begin to discover the many possibilities of using pen and ink methods to reproduce the image as a new graphic drawing from a photograph by doing some practice strokes on a practice sheet of paper.
  6. Upload my first pass at the image at about 50% done.
  7. Check out some of your classmates worka and add a commnet or two.
  8. Keep your comments brief and to the point for constructive ways to improve the other students portraits with stroke techniques

The final portrait image will be due at the end of the next module, not at the end of this module. You have two weeks plus an extra "grace" week for late work.

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Assignment 2: Discussion topic for the week.

Choose one of the questions below to answer an discuss in a couple of paragraphs in the DISCUSSION area of ETUDES.

  1. Do I understand how to use a variety of pen and ink strokes or do I still need to practice them for the midterm project?
  2. Would I like to try digital tools and can I adapt to using digital tools to complete any sketches in the IDEA LAB or at home on my own WACOM and computer?
  3. Do I understand the value of pen and ink for graphic design sketching?
  4. Can I distinguish traditional from digital image making?
  5. How can I use these techniques in my own work?




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What Next?

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