Module 4

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This chapter introduces you to 3 new concepts in Design Drawing using perspective drawing

1- Perspective Drawing:

  • single point perspective
  • two point perspective
  • three point perspective

2- Proportional Drawing


Before beginning this lesson, you should know or be able to do the following.

  • If you purchased the optional text, read Craig Nelson's Drawing Bible: Chapter 3 on Perspective and Proportional Drawing.
  • Read RAPID VIZ Chapter 1 if you were able to get this book as an optional text. (this is a long chapter and will cover a lot of information so skim it the first time, and use it as a reference for perspective for designers and other sketching methods. I have included a partial handout in the form of a PDF file for you to use that will help you with your perspective exercises on Etudes. Return to Etudes to download the file
  • Understand the concept of line Drawing for Designers
  • Understand the concept of Proportional Drawing for Designers


Synthesize the 3 concepts above to make simple design drawings using all 3 concepts.


In this lesson, you will do the following:

  • Read Craig's Text - Chapter 3. (also read RAPIC VIZ -Chapter 1 if you were able to get a copy of it). If you didn't get a copy of Rapid Viz, download the attached handout and read it instead. You DON'T need to do the exercises in the PDF file for upload, but they will help you get the hang of sketching perspective objects.
  • Practice Perspective Drawing for 1 and 2 perspective boxes and draw 2 sheets of perspective objects from home.
  • Create proportional and perspective drawings on letter size paper in pen or pencil
  • Practice RAPID VIZ methods of drawing for your perspective exercises. Click this link to download handout for the the attached PERSPECTIVE DRAWING PDF file.

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These are the assignments for this lesson:

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Focus questions:

As you work through this lesson in Eudes and from reading the optional texts, you should keep the following key questions in mind to focus your studies:

  1. Question 1: Do I understand single point perspective?
  2. Question 2: Do I understand two point perspective
  3. Question 3: Do I understand three point perspective
  4. Question 4: Do I grasp Proportional Drawing concepts
  5. Question 5: Do I understand Rapid Indication Drawing techniques

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