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Read the material below and any additional resources listed for this lesson.

This information and similar teachings on drawing are found and are distributed in many discussion groups, www sites, dictionaries, and in thousands of books on drawing and art. Man has been drawing with both line and tone since the beginning of time. Designers tend to use line more then tone to create design thumbnails, concept and preliminary drawings.

Here are some useful pages to help you practice pen and pencil line strokes. Down load the image and print it for reference and to use for your coffee cup and bottle drawings. I also suggest you keep it with you and use it to refer to WHENEVER your sketching anything. Practice is essential to improvement!

Line drawing methods shown using two or more strokes

Below are examples of drawings using line techniques on bottles.

Examples of drawings using line techniques on bottles

GID Design Archives

Architectual line drawing by Frank Lloyd Wright

Another Frank Lloyd Wright pen drawing

Drawings copyright 1985 the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.




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