Module 3

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In this section, we'll apply some of the concepts we've learned.

Assignment 1: Coffee cups and other things.


This is a pure drawing style and technique method for drawing.

Using the knowledge that you have learned so far, drawing a series of simple objects using line only and create the tonal effects using a small amount of hatching, cross hatching, stippling, wavy lines etc... Use only pencils or pens. Pens tend to scan better than pencil drawings unless you good at digital photo programs like photoshop. Use all of the eight types of lines that you practiced on the bottles with in this assignment. You are drawing 2 to 3 cups on each page. If you only draw 2 per page, you will need 4 sheets. 4 per page and you need only 2 sheets. Try to define the light source and the shadow areas from multiple directions or a different direction on each cup and style.Use top light, back light and front light from left right and center to create a variety of looks.

For the first outline drawing, use thick and thin lines to define a light source with thinner lines towards the light and thicker lines away from the light. Try drawing a series of 8 STARBUCKS paper coffee cups using light from different angles as shown in the examples below. Upload your 2 to 4 pages of drawings to the class Discussion area for comment and feedback.


cups 1

Coffee Cups Example #1 in ink



Coffee Cups Example #2 in pencil



Coffee Cups Example #3 in pencil


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Select any other items in your home or office to draw and draw one more complex item such as a lamp or a shoe or a coffee maker to illustrate using only one or two of the techniques in a combined drawing. Upload your last drawing to the class web site in the same MOD 3 location.


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Assignment 2 :

This is a discussion and research assignment:

A: In the DISCUSSION area of the class web site, select one other classmates work and comment on the drawing style. Refer to the work using the terms you have learned in the lessons so far. Keep comments to one paragraph. Read one of the articles at and comment on the article in a short paragraph


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What Next?

When you've completed the tasks above, you're ready to move on to Module 4. To go there, return to the Discussion area and click on Module 4