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In this section, we'll apply some of the concepts we've learned.

Assignment 1: Line practice, stroke practice

Practice drawing the 7 line techniques on scratch paper until you feel confident that you can draw them easily. It should take about an hour to get the hang of each technique. Your do not need to digitize or upload your practice sheets, only the final two sheets as noted below.


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Assignment 2: Drawing bottles

On clean sheets of letter sized bond paper draw each of the bottle techniques (2 letter sized sheets requried). You can draw 3 or 4 bottles on each page. Upload your digitized images to the ETUDES Discussion area for comments and grades.


Download the two image sheets of Bottle Stroke Drawings from the links below and use them as examples of stroke sketching techniques.

Stroke Drawing #1

Stroke Drawing #2

Assignment 3: Continue reading PERSPECTIVE, Chapter one, in RAPID VIZ text for the next two weeks. And if you have THE DRAWING BIBLE by Craing Nelson, Begin reading pages 68 to 85 in your textbook: Drawing for Graphic Design. Also read pages 132 to 137 on "Getting Started" in the Drawing Bibile. Pay particular attention to all of the images in the reading from page 1 though 85 and note how the strokes are used to depict the imagery. You should be able to see several imags that use some types of strokes that are listed on your stroke drawing sheets that you downloaded from this lesson.

You can read ahead too. So if you purchased it, please read chapter 2 in your OPTIONAL text book THE DRAWING BIBLE, on LINE and TONE. I will also post similar information in ETUDES if you didn't purchase the optional text book.

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What Next?

When you've completed the tasks above, you're ready to move on to Lesson 3. To go there, return to the Discussion list and click on Module 3 -


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